The Shanghai Blues

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Killing 10 hours at Mumbai Airport


06 January 2013

When I checked in at the Delta desk in Minneapolis airport yesterday morning, the woman at the counter pointed out that I’ve made a foolish mistake.  I neglected to remember that, though Nepal allows you to purchase a tourist visa in the airport, India requires to to apply for one weeks in advance.  In order to make the most of my 10 hour layover in Mumbai, I had reserved a room at a nearby hotel so I could shower & sleep.  Alas, leaving the airport would require at least a Transit Visa.  Instead of getting some sleep, I find myself with 10 hours to kill in the International Terminal of Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport (BOM).

I’ve heard horror stories of visa-less travelers being forced to spend hours sitting in stark waiting rooms until their connecting flight is ready to depart, but my experience transiting through the then-new airport in…

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Making Sense of Macau

The World is Our District

I had never heard of Macau until I went there. A few years ago I was traveling Asia with my friend, Angela, and she had suggested Macau which was supposed to be the “Vegas of the East.” Sold.Macau Wynn

Lisboa CasinoWe had been staying in Hong Kong for a couple days and planned to take the hour and a half ferry over to Macau for the night. When we got settled into our hotel room we naturally decided to go for a walk and check it all out.

Turns out, it’s the biggest confluence of culture I’ve really ever seen on a little island.

It is indeed like an Asian Vegas. 33 casinos in total, there is a Wynn, MGM Grand, Venetian, and Sands, which are all as glamorous and overflowing with money as those in the states. There are also many independent casinos like the Grand Lisboa—which have an addition that…

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Myanmar’s new Responsible Tourism Policy – on the right track

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Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art Doha

HannahVictoria. All Images © Hannah Smith 2015

The work of Ahmed Cherkaouki, showing at the Arab Museum of Modern Art showed a strong relationship to the current set of work I am working on. I found his work had a strong link to the work of Miro, a spanish artist. With Miro being spanish and Cherkaouki being Moroccan, their inspiration came from a similar culture. Cherkaouki’s work looks at symbols that are found in traditional weaving, tattoos, jewellery and henna. His work has a geometric element to it. His work has a multi – cultural meaning.




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ApartEasy – Your stay in Barcelona.

Your stay in Barcelona

Dear Barcelona lovers,

ApartEasy would like to introduce this travel blog, where you will find valuable information about how to have your perfect stay in Barcelona.

We will try to offer you valuable information and tips about where to stay, things to do, must see places, top lists of restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping areas and everything you need to know to enjoy a perfect holiday in Barcelona.

Weather you are visiting Barcelona for a few days or looking for a long term rental in Barcelona, aparteasy is what you need. We offer daily and monthly rentals in top locations of Barcelona.

We love to hear from our customers and readers, so do not hesitate to leave your thoughts on the comment section.

Best regards,

Luis Caldentey


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The Land of Beautiful Horses

WanderLove- A Solo Female Travel Blog

That’s what ‘Cappadocia’ or ‘Kapadokya’ if we’re talking Turkish, literally means. I’m not really sure why, but horses aside, it’s certainly a beautiful place.

Cappadocia hasn’t been exactly all I had planned on, but I’ve enjoyed it nonetheless. We arrived early a few days ago and were greeted with very foggy conditions, but the weather was still nice enough to visit the Goreme open air museum, an impressive group of caves which were inhabited by early Christians, and thus their frescoes churches remain. I’ve seen a lot if old frescoes and churches in the last few months, but I can definitely recommend Goreme’s museum, if only for the sher experience of imagining these early Christians carrying out their rituals inside the caves.

Yesterday we took what’s known around here as the ‘green tour’, a full on day that sees you visit a panorama, an underground city, take a short hike…

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From the Mountains


I wasn’t able to import all my photos from Multiply during the Christmas break but here are some of the happy memories from the time in my life when I would climb mountains almost every weekend with friends.

I used my LCA+ and Fish Eye with Velvia and Sepia films for these photos.

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Spain to Virgin Islands (U.S) for 352 Euro

Tips On Travelling


Through a cooperation between American Airlines and British Airways you can find really cheap tickets to U.S Virgin Islands which is right beside Puerto Rico in the northeastern Caribbean.

A return flight departing from Barcelona to St. Thomas and back will cost you 352 Euro.

There is possibility to fly from Madrid as well but that adds 46 Euro to the total price of 398 Euro for the return flight.

Tickets are limited in availability and needs to be booked before 20th january with travel dates covering 24th January to 20th June.

To search for flights use the flexible search (+/- 3 days) ad also book on or

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Villa Tantangan: A Luxury Villa in Bali

Villa Tantangan is unique because it is the first beach villa in Bali of this size to be completely off the grid. The house has been designed by the architect to minimize its energy consumption. To reach this private villa, the last 3 km (about 10 minutes) let you experience a typical drive through the rice fields. A more adventurous access is also possible by the beach.


This luxury villa is located on 7700 square meter land with a panoramic view over the ocean, just next to the famous Tanah Lot Temple. The land is 15m above sea level. The sunsets are spectacular and once you are in this villa you do not wish to leave. The ultimate villa for complete relaxation and privacy.
Source: Bali and Villas

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